#78 Reality Editor

Reality Editor is a new kind of tool that empowers users to connect and manipulate the functionality of physical objects. With Reality Editor, the invisible capabilities of objects become visible‚Äďand editable. Drag a virtual line from one object to another using a smartphone, and create a new relationship between them. With this simplicity, users can master the entire scope of connected objects.

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#77 bioLogic

In an era where bio is the new interface, we are imagining a world where actuators and sensors can be grown rather than manufactured, and derived from nature as opposed to engineered in factories. bioLogic is a synthetic bio-skin that reacts to body heat and sweat via these living actuators.

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#76 Mushtari

How can we design relationships between the most primitive and sophisticated life forms? Can we design wearables embedded with synthetic microorganisms that can enhance and augment biological functionality? Meet Mushtari, a 3D-printed wearable designed as a 58 meter long microbial factory that uses synthetic biology to convert sunlight into useful products for humans and microbes.

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#75 EmotiveModeler

Whether or not we’re experts in the design language of objects, we have an unconscious understanding of the emotional character of their forms. EmotiveModeler integrates knowledge about our emotive perception of shapes into a CAD tool that uses descriptive adjectives as an input to aid both expert and novice designers in creating objects that can communicate emotive character.

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#74 Director’s Fellows Program

An overview of the MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellows Program, a unique program that connects the research from the Lab with communities and causes all over the world. This video was produced for the 2015 Spring Member Meeting.

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