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What if we could train a robot the way we train a pet? With the TAMER project, a technically unskilled user can teach a robot tasks and correct its behavior, improving the robot’s task performance through live interaction. This research on interactive learning focuses on algorithms that facilitate teaching by signals of approval and disapproval from a human trainer.

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#68 Hybrid Basketry

Contemporary 3D printing and traditional craft rarely meet in the same creation. The Hybrid Basketry project merges these two distinct traditions: 3D-printed structures are shaped to combine with hand‐woven patterns. The 3D-printed plastic elements contribute the aesthetics of digital curvatures and manifolds, while the hand‐woven natural fibers give the baskets a unique organic appeal.

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#67 MACH

MACH, My Automated Conversation coacH, is a system for people to practice social interactions in face-to-face scenarios. MACH consists of a 3D character that can see, hear, and make its own decisions in real time.

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#66 WaaZam

WaaZam is a creative telepresence system that allows people to be together in the same window during a networked video session. The goal of the project is to support shared experiences at a distance in an environment that is designed by the participants. 

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#65 Reach

Need a favor? Reach is a project that merges inherently local communications with user requests or offers of services. It is built atop data from services users already use, like Facebook and Google Latitude, and provides a new way to call upon services as needed. These can range from a broadcast offer to serve as a triage medic, to a way to share a cab or get technical help.

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